Where in the world is your favourite coffee?

It’s a simple premise isn’t it, where in the world is your favourite coffee? This could mean where are the beans sourced from, your favourite roaster, personality, or even your favourite experience. I’m going to give a brief note on my favourite coffee experience.

When I was living in the United Kingdom, I would read one of the free coffee magazines called “Caffeine” (http://www.caffeinemag.com) and loved the articles they would do about different personalities in coffee around Europe. They would highlight some of the prominent people who had won competitions and had an impact on the local scene of where they were from. One of these people was Tim Wendelboe, from Oslo, Norway (https://timwendelboe.no/). I loved the spread they did on him, and decided when I was in Oslo to take a look at his coffee shop.

Lucky for me that it only cost fifteen pounds one way from the UK to Oslo, so I was off before I knew it. And I was not let down at all. I was blown away.

Tim Wendelboe is located on an off street in Oslo, and looks utterly majestic from the outside. It’s unassuming but beautiful.

Need I say more? (Don’t worry, I will soon).


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